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Waterbased Primers for Wood, Concrete and Porous Surfaces

Before you prime or paint, the substrate must be clean. Our waterbased primers provide you with the right materials to properly prepare your surfaces and improve the performance of our coating products.

AquaGuard Primer

Our Deep Penetrating waterbased AquaGuard Primer conditions porous surfaces, binds residual chalk on previously painted surfaces and seals "HOT STUCCO" surfaces without long curing delays required by other primer products. Our Primer is a Concentrate... you add 3 gallons of water to each gallon of "Primer Concentrate to make 4 gallons of usable product. It's a Surface Conditioner, too so that you use less paint and you get better "hold out" for a smoother look and feel. You'll love the performance and the cost savings.

Soft Tread Wood and Concrete Primer

Soft Tread Wood & Concrete Primer is a single component, waterbased Acrylic, Deep Penetrating primer to seal porous wood and porous concrete surfaces and provide exceptional adhesion for Soft Tread or Safe Tread.


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